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Mental Health Counseling with Outstanding Results in Honolulu, HI

Here at Advantage Psychological Center Inc in Honolulu, HI, we guarantee that the mental health counseling service provided by our psychologist, Alben Sekimura PhD, will give you concrete steps that lead to a positive solution to help achieve your goals.
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Our professional psychologist, Alben Sekimura, provides mental health counseling in Honolulu. Advantage Psychological Center Inc absolutely guarantee that anything you share with any member of our team will remain confidential. We understand how important this is when it comes to opening up and revealing private or sensitive information. Building a trusting and confidential relationship is the first step in all of our treatments.
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Broad experience

Alben Sekimura is a fully qualified Honolulu-based counselor that has the experience to provide psychotherapy to all members of the community. He has experience in treating all age ranges, and all types of relationships and situations, including: personal, work, parenting, marital and family. The treatments are also applicable to problems that you may think are silly or insurmountable, our door is open for all problems big and small.
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Real solutions

Many people think of mental health counseling as unlimited sessions of revealing hidden thoughts while lying on a therapist's sofa. Maybe in the movies, but here at Advantage Psychological Center Inc we take a very practical view of psychotherapy. Alben Sekimura PhD is an expert therapist and follows a process that ensures you always understand the nature of the therapy, how to achieve the best results and the possible timing. He will always work with your other healthcare providers to collaborate in the best solution to your problems. We offer therapy with results!
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