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Marital Therapy

Health problems, financial challenges, and personal disagreements can all take a toll on your marriage. But you don't have to let these problems overwhelm your relationship with your spouse. If you've decided to seek out marital counseling in Honolulu, HI, you're already heading in the right direction.

At Advantage Psychological Center Inc, Dr. Alben Sekimura, PhD works directly with you and your spouse. He acts as a mediator to help you work through your problems and strengthen your relationship.

How Marital Counseling Helps

Many people worry about the connotation that comes with marital counseling. They worry that they need to wait until their relationship is in major trouble before they seek out counseling.

The truth is that every couple will struggle. Counseling can help you and your spouse, no matter how serious your problems are. In fact, seeing a counselor early on can prevent problems from escalating.

At the counseling session, Dr. Sekimura talks with you and your spouse about what you are dealing with. He helps you understand your spouse's point of view and helps your spouse understand your point of view. He also helps both of you set goals to improve your relationship.

Our Approach

If you value a compassionate, proactive counseling style, Advantage Psychological Center Inc is the place to go in Honolulu, HI. During Dr. Sekimura's years of practice, he has helped individuals and couples with a wide variety of challenges. No matter your situation, Dr. Sekimura approaches it with an understanding, non-judgmental perspective. He isn't locked into any one counseling approach, but adjusts his methods to meet your specific needs.

We hope that every couple will leave our counseling sessions feeling hope. Through marital counseling, you and your spouse can learn how to overcome life's challenges together.

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